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Tuition Reimbursement Program Undergraduate Reimbursement Request Form Instructions After each class ends the Tuition Reimbursement department must receive a completed copy of this form, a copy of
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S. Postal Service. Mail your documents and a check for the amount you would have paid to: Tuition Reimbursement PIT 1823 N. College St., suite 200, Pittsburgh PA 15 You must include your: Student Name Student # Student ID Number Credit / Non-Credit Number from your grade sheet Student Name Student # Student Title (e.g., Professor, Professor) The above information should be completed in the space provided under the date of the transaction, and should include: Course title Grade Grade Range Total Cost Total Fees Receivable Note: Your student ID number and course title DO NOT need to be legible. Your course title and grade may be on your transcript and may appear as “Degree with [UNI's name]” or may be typed on a piece of paper which cannot be made legible. There is a fee for all Tuition Reimbursement requests. Information about Tuition Reimbursement may be obtained from the Pittsburgh Campus Fee Payment Center. International Fees Reimbursement International Fees Reimbursement The University of Pittsburgh encourages international students by offering tuition reimbursement and financial aid. Please follow the instructions for each of the two international fees categories. Tuition Reimbursement Please submit a PDF copy of your course syllabus, registration sheets and the Tuition Reimbursement form, along with your payment (payable to PITT): U.S. International Programs (UIP) Transfer from University of Southern California, Irvine Application form (FED 15-744) Paying by wire transfer Paying with PayPal EIN: 23-20-1223 Email: uppity.edu Phone: International Student Fee Program (ISP) Application form (FED 15-744) Paying by wire transfer Paying with PayPal EIN: 23-20-1223 (in U.S.; 23-20-0234-00-3 for applicants from other countries) Email: isfp-infopitt.
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Okay everyone so savvy saver here I'm coming at you with another Publix hall that did last night sorry I didn't post it last night I was busy taking care of baby, and she's currently sleeping right now for our nap, so I figured might as well maximize this time and go ahead and go over their products in real quick and just in case she wakes up in between I might go in the other bedroom to do go over the receipt breakdown I start to hear her cry so bear with me here hashtag mom life, so I got four packs of the sparkling Zephyrhills water I found this in the clearance it's an organic pomegranate raspberry organic preserves four cans of the Latina or Harvey SE de Corina Latina black beans' bluebell ice cream sorry when I losses on sale I have a cheat day in my home because it's my favorite ice cream I got it first super cheap two packs of Ritz crackers a score of a deal that was a pack of the diapers buggy RCD pampers cruisers and I believe it was size full work 24 diapers and that and that ended up being a penny moneymaker boohoo free diapers nine dollar value never scored a moneymaker on diapers, so that was awesome and then this deal here was a free fried when you purchased a fried chicken on sale for 799 you got a free 16-ounce side, so I got the big potato salad and then super happy to see the green wise organic ground beef had a couple good score deals on the moves on sale plus I stacked my I bought ax and I had a dollar off any meat item coupon + going back to the deli the real cook I stacked savings on that and got had a dollar Publix coupon for any daily item, so I maximize the savings on that, and then I got eight packs of the bumblebee tunas and the big slice things I always get these because they end up being free after my gotta rebates so all right and as always I will go through the receipt now so you guys can see the prices of things throats crackers we're bio and get one free pampers are on sale everything that I have in here and this trip does have a coupon + gotta + checkout 51 rebate apps stacked on top of it + manufacturer coupons as always and good old-fashioned Publix coupons to stack and then there's a highlight of, and you can see all the coupons that I used and then going down here to the bottom of my receipt we had a successful shopping trip and remember this is the order total in the store this does not include any of my gotta rebate apps checkout 51 rebate apps and all the other apps that I use, so I think all in all roughly I'll do the math and as I always do, I'll post in the comments below in the description the breakdown of the total and what I saved, but I believe obviously you can see here in store save 3970, so that was a great deal, so I saved more than I spent, so that was like over fifty percent in savings, so that's a great trip any time you save anything is great but if you want to be considered an extreme coupon her I would say fifty percent or above would qualify you for that um so all in all I would say...
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